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1866.] KEVIEWS AND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL NOTICES. 305 stndy, so as to constitute a fronicwork of surfiical science, which might be filled up thntnuh the gradual iKHpiisitiou Zaditor Cost of professional knowledge." Of course reference is liad iu these remarks to the general portion of the work only — the appendix, comprising 349 pages, embracing various monographs and other surgical papers. Mr. Syme's reputation and influence, it need hardly be said, are very great; and a book from his pen can not but command respect. He has diligently used large opportunities; lie is a man of decided opinions, and knows how to express them forcibly. In looking over tlic pages of the volume before us, Buy Zaditor Online we are struck with the terseness and energy of the language, and the practical character of the matter conveyed. One can easily imagine the charm as well as the value of the oral teachings of a man who writes thus. We have here an embodiment of the views and experience of one of the most eminent and successful teachers and practitioners of surgery in Great Britain. Like many other writers of force and originality, Mr. Syme gives no extended quotations, or long list of references. He offers his own results, evidently with a firm conviction of their sound- ness; and we believe they may Buy Cheap Zaditor be consulted with profit by any one who will weigh them understandingly. Our reason for so speaking is that, iu our opinion, so many practitioners err in following blindly the authorities. It is easier to adopt an idea than to test it; and the history of medicine is full of instances in which errors have been propa- gated, and the advance of science hindered, by too great a reverence for ancient landmarks. At the present day, perhaps, the tendency among our leading writers Order Zaditor Online is rather toward skepticism; but the time will never come when there shall be no masses feeling the need of . guidance. The surest road Zaditor Price Zaditor Eye Drop to the development, for these masses, of Purchase Zaditor Online sound principles and successful practice, is through the free and intelli- gent canvassing and comparison of theories. In glancing over the first portion of Mr. Syme's work, we notice that the pathological views set forth therein are not of the latest date. They are, however, perhaps better adapted to the purposes of an elementary teacher than those of the present day, which deal less with the differences which strike the eye of a student. It is difficult to select points for notice in a work so concisely writ- ten; but we may Purchase Zaditor mention two, taken at hazard. Ulcers which do not tend to heal are divided into three classes: Zaditor Coupons " 1. Ulcers which are prevented from healing by defect of action. 2. Ulcers which are Order Zaditor pre- vented from healing by excess of action. 3. Ulcers which are pre- vented from healing by peculiarity of action." Again, mammary tu- VoL. II.— No. 10. 20 306 EEVIEWS AND BIBLIOGBAPHICAL NOTICES. [Jan., mors are classed as "simple, fibrous, cystic, carcinomatous, Zaditor Tablets and medul- lary sarcomata." Alaway Or Zaditor In regard to plans of treatment, also, the work be- fore us is not fully up to the times. So far as it goes it is excellent; but it needs to be supplemented by other and more modern writings. The monographic portion of the volume is, as might be supposed, more entirely satisfactory. Besides the papers mentioned in the title-page, there are here to be found numerous clinical observations of the highest value. Among these we are particularly struck with the cases reported of amputation at the ankle, of excision of the entire scapula, and of excision of the tongue. They are all, however, de- serving of attentive perusal, and it is matter of congratulation that they have been collected in a permanent and attractive form. Mr. Syme's name is, perhaps, most closely associated with the method proposed by him of amputating at the ankle, by sawing off the malleoli, the posterior flap being Zaditor Eye Drops formed of the skin of the heel. This was ex- tensively adopted in thk country, and with great success, and is better suited to very many cases than any other procedure. Of late years, however, PirogofPs operation, the os calcis being sawn through obliquely downwards and forwards, and its cut surface brought up aarainst that of Zaditor Coupon the tibia, has been more fashionable. Our own ex- perience would lead us to regard the two plans as of equal merit; selecting one or the other according to the special case to be dealt with. Of excision of the joints for disease, Mr,.Syme is an ardent advocate. In America this practice has not perhaps been suflQciently tested. Our impression is that the number of these cases in this country is smaller than it is abroad. The shoulder, elbow, and knee are the joints in which Buy Zaditor the best results have been attained. Mr. Syme very justly ob- jects to the operation at the hip, on account of the frequent involvement of the acetabulum, and thinks that a favorable issue in disease of the wrist and ankle is of such exceptional occurrence that amputation is preferable when these joints are concerned. The external incision for the relief of urethral stricture, an opera- tion original with Mr. Syme, is discussed not only in the general por- tion of the work before us, but also in one of the monographs in the appendix. It is undoubtedly the easiest method of dealing with many cases, and sometimes offers the only chance of safety for the patient. Our author seems to have had better success in avoiding the subse- quent occurrence of perineal fistula than would be supposed possible; his recorded cases look Eye Drops Zaditor so favorable that many surgeons will be apt to 1866.] IIEVIEWS Generic Zaditor AND niBLIOGRAPHICAL NOTICES. 307 imitate his practice. The plan should not, however, l)e indiscriminately employed. In the foreiroinu: brief notice, we have tried Zaditor Drops to present the impres- sions made upon us by the examination of this excellent addition to medical literature, with fidelity. To sum thera up, we may say, that while it would not answer as the sole surgical guide of the young prac- titioner, it contains matter of the greatest value and importance to any one who would acquaint himself thoroughly with the views of the leading men of the century. The typography of the volume is not only elegant, but remarkably correct; and the monographs are here and there illustrated by means of wood-cuts of great merit. Tht Diseases of the Cheap Zaditor Ear — their Diagnosis and Treatment. A Text- Book of Aural Surgery in the form of Academical Lectures. By Db. Anton von Troltsch, Aural Surgeon and Lecturer in the University iu Wurtzburg, Bavaria. Translated from the German and Edited by D. B. St. John Roosa, M.D., Assistant Surgeon iu the N. Y. Eye Infirmary. Any new book at present appearing on the subject of ear diseases, must be carefully examined by our profession, as iu that branch of surgery clear ideas of pathology and treatment are especially desirable. Among the authors iu the English language, Wilde and Toynbee have undoubtedly done most for the advancement of aural surgery. The books of these gentlemen are at present difficult to procure, and are somewhat too voluminous to be carefully read through by general

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