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178 GUN-SHOT INJURY OF NERVES. [DeC, Oct. 20th. Has passed a very restless night; the Order Prilosec stump is excessively painful and is slightly swollen. Tongue, large, pale and flabby, is indented on the edges by the teeth; pulse frequent and irritable. 9. Morphise sulph. gr. i. by sub- cutaneous injection; ice dressing to stump; spts. vini gallici ii. every six hours. Oct. 21st. Dressed the stump; has suffered a great deal of pain during the past twenty-four hours; the swelling of the stump has increased; tongue furred ; Prilosec Online bowels confined; pulse 120 and feeble; has severe spasms of the muscles of the stump, and some stiffness of the jaws. J^. Pulv. opii gr. i., ext. belladonnae gr. i in pil. every two hours; lead and opium lotion to stump; brandy 3iv. every two hours. Oct. 22d. Has passed a very quiet night; the pain in and the swelling of the stump is much less; pulse 98 and fuller; bowels have not moved. ^. Sal. Rochelle §i.; continued other treatment. P. M., 5 Prilosec 20 o'clock, has vomited the salts which he took this morning; stomach very irritable: '^. Sinapism to epigastrium, and an enema to move the bowels. Oct. 23d. The enema moved the bowels moderately; nausea continues; has vomited several times during the night; the stump is suppurating. 1^. Hyd. sub. mur. gr. v., pulv. rhei gr. X., sodse bicarb, gr. x., ft. pulv.; to take at once. P. M., 6 o'clock, bowels have moved freely; is very restless and irritable; stump painful. He says the pain occurs in paroxysms, and is very *' sharp and cutting." ^. Pulv. opii gr. i., ext. belladonnae gr. I every three hours. Oct. 24th. Has passed a quiet night and slept tolerably well; discharge from the stump is 20 Mg Prilosec quite free, it has nearly cleaned off, and florid granulations are springing up; his appe- tite is improving; pulse 90 and moderately full. 12 o'clock, A.M. The nurse called me and stated that the Omeprazole Prilosec patient was out of his head; I found him in Prilosec Otc a very excited condition, exhibiting great nervous irritability. He answered questions rationally when spoken to, but his mind wandered from the subject. He appears much depressed in spirits, and expresses gloomy fore- bodings of the future. Skin cool and moist; pulse 110 and feeble, p. Sinapism to back of neck, Hoffman's anodyne 3ss., 1865.] r.ux-siioT injury of nerves. 179 fluid cxt. valerian 3ss. every hour; spts. vini gallici 3iv. every two liours. 6 o'clock, P.M. Pulse 110 and fuller; skin warm and moist; is much less restless and his conversation is coherent and rational. R, Magendies solut. gtt. xv. at bed-tiinc. Oct. 2r)th A.M. Has pas.sed a quiet night and slept consid- erable — expresses himself as feeling much better. His bowels moved freely during the night. He still exhibits a good deal of nervous irritability and watchfulness, but the depression of spirits is nu:ch less; pulse 120; H. Fluid Ext. rad. acouit. gtts i. every two hours and milk-punch freely. 6 o'clock, p.m. Pulse 110; lias passed a Prilosec Mg quiet day, but has not slept. 1,1. Magendies solut. gtt. XV. at bed-time. Oct. 26th. Has had three or four hours of sound sleep dur- ing the night and feels much refreshed; pulse 100, moderately full but irritable. All the ligatures came from the stump this morning except the one on the brachial Prilosec Buy artery. The face of the stump looks well, but it is Coupon Prilosec still swollen, and the muscles Purchase Prilosec protrude beyond the skin and are very irritable, so much so that when the stump is dressed there is a constant twitching of them which continues for an hour or more. Bowels confined, p. Pil. cathart. co. No. 2. 6 o'clock, P.M. Says he feels much better to-night, and as if he had awakened from a dream. His bowels have moved freely; appetite improved, and he expresses a desire for food. Continue morphia at bed time. Oct. 28th. He continues to improve, the stump suppurates freely; the swelling and irritabitity of the muscles is much less; pulse 100 and of good Buy Prilosec volume. Online Prilosec He says that the '• dreamy sensation" has passed away and that he feels like himself again. The ligature came from the brachial artery to-day; bowels confined. 9. Pil. cathart. co. No. 2. From this time he continued to do well. All the nervous- phenomena subsided; the stump healed slowly; he gaiued^iu flesh and spirits, and was finally discharged from the hospital in good condition. The autopsy of the amputated limb revealed no apprecia- ble abnormal condition of the nerves. Nothing was dis- 180 . PROPRIETY OF INDUCING [DeC, covered that could account for the peculiar nervous phenomena exhibited. The limb was abnormally vascular, and the muscles ex- hibited fatty degeneration in a slight degree. About one hundred and forty-five grains of the sulphate of morphia were administered Prilosec 20 Mg by subcutaneous injections in various parts of the body, without affording any permanent relief. At first they were confined to the arm above the wound until they gave rise to induration of the cellular tissue, then to the arm below the wound and in the forearm; in the What Is Prilosec oppo- site extremity, in Prilosec Cheap lx)th lower extremities, and in tlie abdominal walls. No difference was found in the effect produced by Cheap Prilosec changing the locality of the injections. Relief from the pain followed in from twenty to thirty minutes subsequent to each injection, and the trismus and other tetanic symptoms were controlled, temporarily, by increasing the quantity of morphia from time to time as occasion required. On the Propriety of Inducing Premature Delivery. By T. G. Thomas, M.D., Professor of Obstetrics and the Diseases of Women and Children, in the College of Physicians and Sur- geons, New York. [Eead before the N. Y. Obstetrical Society .] On the 1st of June, 1865, Mrs. B., a short but well made woman, aged thirty-three, applied to me to take charge of her delivery, which was anticipated about the 5th of Prilosec Purchase September, giving me the follov/ing history. She had been delivered ten months before of a still-born child at the seventh month, labor being Otc Prilosec ushered in by a violent Prilosec Omeprazole convulsion which destroyed the life of the child, and left the mother in so precarious a condi- tion that her life for several days was despaired of. During

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