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MHDICAL RF.CORD. [June 13, 1914 lieial structures. The typhoid form is more benign than the gastroenteric. To come to an abrupt close — we should amoxil tablets suspect amoxil 500 any febrile gastroenteriti.s in a younjr child and at once make bacteiial studies. Dt'ulschf medizinische Wochenschrifl. May IT, ll'M. Causes of I.ale Eunuchoidism. — Schwaer reports a single case. A man of 45 lost at the age of 22 his entire hairy equipment without 500mg amoxil apparent cause. Such a amoxil generic condition until recently would cheap amoxil have been termed by dermatologists amoxil 500 mg alopecia areata universalis, and no other diagnosis would have been possible for many years. When about 38 he began to flesh up rapidly, which was of amoxil buy course a normal behavior. Vov the past three or four years attacks of amoxil order facial spasm, probably psychogenic. Quite recently amoxil 875 mg attacks of precordial pain, sense of oppression, and dyspnea. These recalled some- what similar attacks in childhood. The patient, a single man, had seminal emissions every four weeks, and his potency was weak. He was well nourished, and his fat was accumulated about the hips, abdomen, breast, and neck. His face was red, slightly cyanotic, but there was nothing wrong in the thorax. Penis small, testicles normal. The loss of hair, and abnormal distribution of the fat suggested dystrophia adiposo genitalis, but the radiogram showed a normal sella turcica, and the superior physical development was opposed to such a view. The author was compelled therefore to regard the case as one of late eunuchoid- ism. It now remains to be mentioned that patient had a double variococele. The symptoms of late eunuchoid- ism as described by Falta comprise the eunuchoid dis- tribution of fat, the loss of hair, red and .^lightly bloated face, and anatomical amoxil 250mg and functional insuffi- ciency in the genitals. This disease picture seems feebly outlined, for the patient's red face may have l>een due to his frequent abuse of alcohol. The dis- tribution of fat is natural in the elderly, the total loss of hair is a condition per .vc, and the genital anomalies are sufficiently common in men of any type. According to Falta this condition appears after trauma, especially in the external genitals; hernia; gonorrhea and syphilis; infectious purchase amoxil di.seases, etc. If we follow Falta, the only apparent cause in amoxil buy online this case is local, the double varicocele; and in the future the relationship between the two should be studied. Etiology of Psoriasis. — Jaerisch refers to Menzer's claim that this dermatosis is only a tuberculide which induced him to test this subject in soldiers. Ten of the lattei- were studied, eight patients being psoriatics, while the two controls had eczema. Menzer's claim that the staphylococcus was a determining factor in the psoriatic eruption was chiefly investigated. This was demonstrated by the alleged curative action of staphylococcus vaccine. Naturally soldiers are vigorous subjects, and psoriasis is rare among them — about 2 amoxil 250 mg cases per 1000. While, therefore, unsuited for Menzer's tests, the author obtained in several cases both a staphylovaccin reaction and temporarily good results. He seems amoxil price to be about the first writer to believe in the possibility that Menzer's contention can he supported partially by facts. cordance with the organ chiefly amoxil 875mg involved. We see it in weak constitutions, in the status thymico lymphaticus, in the obese, in cardiacs and nephritics. This does not mean that sound internal organs protect. To avert this form of death we should take the blood pressure, study a drop of blood, and cause the patient to climb stairs at a moderate pace — the increase of pulse rate, with the time required to regain equilibrium amoxil 875 giving us an idea as to the functional power of the heart. The .secondary narcotic death amoxil 400 does not usually appear be- foie the second or third day, when the pulse becomes rapid and shallow, while the temperature shows fluc- tuations not traceable to any inflammation. Patients become restless and have a sense of precordial oppres- sion along with cyanosis, amoxil 250 anxious expression, and at times slight icterus. There are labored breathing, oliguria with .sediment of nephritis. The pulse rapid- ity increases and the original cyanosis gives way to a waxy pallor, the face falls in, the nose is pinched, etc. There is now no hope of recovery and death occurs from circulatory ana respiratory failure. In a few cases there is rapid collapse with coffee ground vomiting. All the analeptics may be tried to save these cases. Im- provement under these resources does not of course mean recovery. Generally speaking the measures used are those proper in collapse from any cause. Early washing out of the stomach is a special resource, as the cofl'ee grounds vomiting is not only specific for this affection but indicates a grave prognosis. The author selects 4,000 narcoses, almost wholly chloroform or ether or both, in which there was not a single case of primary narcosis death and finds 10 cases of secondary death. In 9 the simple drop method was used and in the other there was mixed narcosis with the Roth-Drager apparatus, in which oxygen is super- added. Death occurred on an average 4 days after the narcosis. Most of the patients were fat, elderly women. In Mtinich women become fat while still young. It is only necessary to add that the narcosis material comes from Professor Klein's gynecological clinic. Treatment of Disturbances of Motility of the Stom- ach. — Winternitz concludes a thorough study of this subject with special leference to gastrectasia. When online amoxil simple atony has brought about the latter, a per- manent cure may result from the use of internal measures. Diet comes first in these cases, then fol- lows gastric lavage. The socalled secondary gastrec- tasia, due to pyloric obstruction suggests early opera- tive intervention. But in just such cases even measures for simple primary gastrectasia have pre- vailed to a certain extent. Naturally in cancer, ac- tual or suspected, a pyloric resection or gastroenter-

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